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AEquilibrium – 2010


Musica: Torture Squad
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

There’s no shine in my eyes I’ve lost all emotions
Walking in this no man’s land void of devotion
I fight to find my peace of mind
This war inside my head
It makes me feel like I’m fucking dead

I don’t wanna be your hero
I don’t wanna save your world
I don’t wanna live in fear
This is a good…
This is a good day to die

I feel my demons rising day after day
I’m beconned into the abyss, I’m falling away
I cannot sleep, I cannot breath
Haunted by this strife
I did what I had to do to survive

[ refrão ]

I saw a child in my dreams he quickly flees from us
We don’t stop the convoy. He’s crushed and left in dust
Sorry mom, sorry dad
I hope you understand cause this
Hell in my mind will never end

I don’t wanna be your hero
I don’t wanna save your world
I don’t wanna live in fear
I did what I did to survive
I don’t wanna be your hero
I don’t wanna save your world
I don’t wanna live in fear
This is a good …
This is a good day to die

Musica: Torture Squad
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

Roaming the streets searching for something that’s true
I hear the sound, tear up the ground
Enter the wrecking crew
Like an invasion of killer bees ready to attack
Jump in the fire, I’m a live wire
There’s no way back

Into the mosh pit dancing the groove hell
Stage divers, crowd surfers
Raise your fist and yell
It’s in my blood since I was born
Raw energy inside of me
Now you will feel my scorn

Raise your horns
Unleash demons now
Raise your horns
True religion, free religion

Bang your heads, bash your brains
Shouting, screaming
Beneath the remains
I don’t care what you say about me and my friends
Leave me alone, I’m bad to the bone
You’ll never understand

[ refrão ]

Banging your head, feeling the sound blasting your body and soul
Electric discharge raping your ears, bleeding about to blow
Twisting and burning, your blood is boiling, merciless pounding in pain
No way out to those who are fucking weaks, I’m a banger!

This is the moment to celebrate the life
I’m free, trust me
This is my way of life
I pratice what I preach and I try to win
I don’t care, mosh addiction
Get fucking ready to…

[ refrão ]

Musica: Torture Squad
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

Listen to the screams of suffering and pain
Sadistic intent
Prisoners are treated in an unholy way
Physical torments
Forced them to remain in stress positions
Raw cruelty and vile conditions
“No exceptions, violence is the rule”
If you obey you’re such a fool!

Holiday in Abu Ghraib
Bloody nights and restless days

Military dogs are bitting their backs
Torture’s in progress
Like gamblers rolling the bones to decide
Who’ll be the next in line
You go ahead with this kind of brutality
‘Cause you’re protected by a web of fallacies
Never agree with this bullshit
What a shame to your families

[ refrão ]

Abu Ghraib torture

Who is responsible for this legacy
Of shame
Politicians have their hands stained
Looking for scapegoats to their evil plans
Under a superior command
You don’t give a fuck who you represent

[ refrão ]

Rest In Pain

Musica: Torture Squad
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

Rio, common day, another goddamn day
A delinquent hijacks a bus
What should have been just a mere routine
Turns out to be horror on TV
Negotiations pass the hours
While police surround the scene
With a stupid tactless strategy
Fear inside, there’s no place to hide
One’s nightmare becomes our tragedy

His mother, dead, stabbed in the back
Revenge and grief in his head
Living in the streets sniffing glue and cocaine
Using amphetamines and smoking crack
Terror that comes in the night
Killing all his friends
Once again he’s in hell on earth
Now in the bus victims are crying for God
That gunman needs to be neutralized

Living among thieves, drugs and prostitutes
A son of poverty
A survivor of a terrible crime
The Candelaria’s tragedy

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to our freak show
Look at this crazy man, high and out of control
Hostages under his gun
There’s no place to run
A number you’ll never ignore

“This is for real, the demon wants blood
Everyone will fucking die, I’m driven by demons”

I don’t understand, he was given a bad end
Dead in the police car
Killed another victim, they also took a woman
Shot by the same police, it is fucking bizarre
Three bullets killed that teacher
Live on TV for thousands to see
Disasteress police action, thoughtless unplanned
Now a question inside, is justice really blind?

[ refrão ]

There’s no place to hide from this sick war
Fucking sick war
At war

Musica: Torture Squad
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

Surviving, fighting in a world of lies.
Torments are drawing near
I’m still part of those lost days
Is it despair or is it fear?
These thoughts keep on grinding in my mind
Trying to find a way
To face this invisible threat
But my time fades away… no!

I’m another face in the crowd
Looking for some peace of mind
I listen to news of terror everyday
“You are confined.”
Stories that I haven’t heard so far
Stories that I think are real
So I try to understand
Why fear has mass appeal?

One… take a man without future and hope
Two… forced feed him hate and lies
Three… rise the flag and play the requiem
Four… serve him dead

Dark thoughts screaming around
They can’t bring me down
Nightmares haunt my future
While the vultures tear a carrion

Troubles are crossing, crossing my way
You know it’s hard to stand
It’s like a storm and we are marching on
Now I am in command.

[ refrão ]

I kill my prey… yeah!
All right!
Revolution… It’s time to change
I see it over my shoulder
Troubles come and troubles go
Under the endless gaze of the beholder
I believe that all I need
Lives inside my head
Strong of mind, determination
Nothing to declare

[ ponte ]

[ refrão ]

I kill my prey
Marching into the storm

Musica: Torture Squad
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

Uh Azazel… unmerciful god from hell
Brings us now
His evil black legions
Desperate cries are reaching to the heavens
No one can be saved
He dominates all religions
Demons proclaiming to the sky
The arrival of the lord of the flies
Close your eyes to the evil glare
Hordes of hell will march at dawn.
Beginning of the end, all hope is gone
The human race is drowning in despair

Uh Azazel… tyrannical king of hell
Treads on us
Feel… feel his impurity
Dark eyes, void of light everywhere
There’s no escape
We’ll pay for all our sins
We are leaving all hope behind
Feeling his touch and there’s no light
Bodies are laying across the land
The smell of death is everywhere
Transforming this land a pit of despair
Azazel… is rising to command

Azazel, the king of hell
Bringing pain, our souls yell
Leaving the earth in a dark cell
Azazel, the king of hell

Uh Azazel… in the image of decay
Chosen to bring
Torments, plagues and anguish
Thee unholy plan, his conquest is done
There’s no life
Under his dark sun
In the face of millions the agony hurts and burns
Through this age of demise
The human race is drowned in flames, pestilence, pain and hate
It’s the last chapter of mankind

Azazel, the king of hell
Bringing pain, our souls yell
Leaving the earth in a dark cell
Azazel, master of living hell

Musica: Torture Squad
Letra: Amílcar Christófaro

Are you afraid? Are you still afraid?
Or are you escaping from yourself?
Dark can you feel it? Eclipse do you feel it right now?
Can you take it for your whole life or not?

When will it stop? How will your will control it?
Leave it all and think about the right path
No matter what. Burn incinerate the bad thoughts
Expulse the inner thoughts that plague you

Doubts and choices side by side
Pulsing soul that never dies
Keep your mind ablaze
This is life and all is done
Doubts and choices side by side
Pulsing soul that never dies
Keep your fucking mind ablaze

Free to choose things are passing by
The good… the evil are fighting in your mind
Lose the fear in choosing what’s right or wrong
Facing the inner fear makes you… stronger

Trying to kill the black sun
No time to lose. Can’t take this pain no more
Dredging through the darkness to find sunrise
Deep down inside. Seek that hidden inner pride
Reflex aware return again

[ refrão ]

There’s no black sun

Musica: Torture Squad
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

Part I – The Gods of Blues Are Talking
Desolation in my soul
Bad premonition. My life will change
This is the way of the ancient spirits
Walking among all these remains

Survivor in this chaos
Born to lose I live to win
This is the way of the ancient spirits
Walking among remains and oblivion

Keep the soul strong while the water comes pouring down
Cold hitting the ground

The devastation has not taken all
A true flame shines in the night
In the eyes of these forsaking
Heroes born to fight
(Storm) It’s bringing chaos to the crossroads
Dragging down dreams and stories untold
(Warriors) Bring the music back to our lives
Cause the spirit never dies

Part II – Under Voodoo Spells
At the crossroads the jinx was born
He opens the skies a fatal reminder
Ghosts disappear, storm arises
The monster becomes much stronger
Voodoo in your mind
Don’t forget the past

Parte III – Here Comes The Storm… Again!
Die! Die! Die!
The heavens are descending, crushing, tearing, ending… bringing us sorrow
We start to
Cry! Cry! Cry!
Save our souls, spells and roots, praying to the… gods
We’re gonna
Rise! Rise! Rise!
Strong minds ‘cause the spirit… never dies, rise!

Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

When the sky turns black without a trace of light
Panic rules this darkest night
And I feel fire in my brain
Try to save this land in vain
Everything in the world is clear
Hypocrites preaching: “Doomsday is here!”
Look into my eyes…
Your fate is to die!

Reality is the unholy spell
Listen to the final bell
Reality is the unholy spell
And this world’s a living hell

I see pain and suffering everyday
Human beings deep in decay and misery
It’s hard to believe
Violence in first degree
What can I say about peace in a world of pain?
Where the population stands in disdain
People dying by starvation
A land without salvation

[ refrão ]

A living hell
So follow
My unholy spell

Superiors smashing any sign of resistance
Using their habitual ignorance to kill
This is the true illness
A world in flames, their deepest desire
Maximum violence, the only law
Like a razor blade cutting so raw
Look again into my eyes
Now you’re gonna die

[ refrão ]