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1. Convulsion
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

The world crosses for hard moments, an increase of pain

Absolute ideas of peace finish in disdain
Unnecessary discussions aid this intolerable will
Living in a sickening world, all the stink we can smell

And once more the earth cries
The land exhales a stinky sty

So many deaths in the name of power accelerating the end
A real deception of this mankind, nobody gets to understand
A cold wind blow the seeds of discording, black clouds covering the sky
The shaken faith in the heart of the weak, dark ages begin to rise!

Different minds, different thoughts, seclused in a spiritual maze
Manipulate the facts with mastery, everything to daze
In a structure made of obscure acts, your pain…you’ll be found
Sentence of death to the world, black forces infect the ground

2. Shades Of The Evil
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues / Castor

Negative thoughts open the gates of fear
Walking in the shades of the evil
Strange forces trying to let yourself down
Like an obscure and heinous riddle

Sea of abominations cover the reasons of the life
Sweet agony from the dying souls
Your damnation is my benediction
In your nightmares, I’ll be the crow

In your dreams, I’ll survive
Find out your mind and destroy it
Watching you in everywhere
Your agony will be my joy
Under a cold night
I see you cry
Tears that burn
I wait you die

Shades of the evil

Reunion of the chaos
Blackened destiny
Your eyes are open
But you can’t see

Shades of the evil

Every one of us walk in the shades of evil!

3. Asylum Of Shadows
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

Asylum of shadows
Souls nourish endurances
Looking for something
The reason of your existence
Your dreads are covering
Drawin’ the nice fear
And the dark minstrel plays
In deep hysteria

Asylum of shadows

I see a sad spirit crying for material possessions
Faces around emanating hate, pain, spite andaggression
Request fill up the dismal precipice of the umbral
A black mass so depressive of negative thoughts

Blame! Sorrow!
What’s the veredict?
Prisoners of lugubrious world
Nasty… spirits!
Primitive level
Looking for perfection, the essence of the soul

A cry… from the abyss
No one… to hear
A place… so black
Asylum of… shadows!!!

4. Murder Of A God
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

Why do you living controversing my faith
I don’t accept your god
Call me heretic, antichrist, atheist
Only believe in me!!!
Devotes creating new dogmas
Looking for a lot of victims
To satisfy the desire of the deceiving day and night

Ancient beliefs, try to conceal
The murder of a god

False teachings deciding who goes
To heaven or hell
In the sign of holy cross
Money rings the bell!!!

Submission makes slaves of faith
Sinners die at the stake
Condemnation by yourselves mistakes
This is the price of the fear

5. Agonies In Your Brain
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

Grind down the rotten humanity
Your laws are insane
Burn down with envy and misery
Bestial will be your fate
Doomsday… stars fall from sky
Decay of the race
Grim days, I hear your dying cry
The motherland’s a shame

Tears and blood… war and death
Take the glove… start to set
Desolation… tragedy
It’s the fate… principle of the agony

Brutal fate
Putrid corpse
Killing your lives

Evil runs like a plague
The ground is dead, forever and ever

Murderers searching for blood
Diseases spreading the pain
Crushin’ your heads, your minds
Causing agonies in your brain

6. Mad Illusion
Letra: Castor

Madness is running through your veins
Trying to show you a different world
But this madness is possessing you
Like the death’s mask in a crazy dream

Mad illusions
Dominate your life
Mad illusions
Manipulate your mind

Looking for cheap illusions
You meet this shit!!!

Now you’re in a blind alley
Just bitter memories
Making you perceive, the end of your life
‘Cause you arrived to the end of this dream

7. The Hangman’s Call
Musica: Cristiano Fusco
[ Instrumental ]

8. Come To Torture
Musica: Torture Squad
[ Instrumental ]

9. Finally The Disgrace Reigns
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

Plug your TV and watch the circus open fire
Preachers screaming at the sky, a mob of liars
The hunger stamped in the face of the weak
Lies declared by damned lips
People have lost their freedom and privacy
Suffering souls in a world of misery
Web of plots rules the designs of the nations
While the unlucky people die for a salvation

The fire burns high
Scream is in vain
Demons speak in joy
“Finally the disgrace reigns”

A bomb explode killing people on the streets
Pieces of innocent bodies fall on your feet
Images of pain feeding the stake of revenge
The peace is only a joke… it’s very strange!!!
A world walking to your self-destruction
Where the mankind lives in deep persecution
To meet answers to escape of this hell
But the solution hides into the inner self

[ refrão ]

Cry! Die…!

Listen the macabre tunes of the end
Nightmares so real
The bell… groams obscure the land
Oh… can you feel it?
See the clouds of rain
The reaper laughs wise
Many souls in pain
The cursed one will arise

[ refrão ]