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individual AmilcarBIOGRAPHY – Amílcar Christófaro

Right-handed, he is known for his velocity, technique and perfectionism, playing with open arms (hi hat with left hand), acquiring, thus, ability and versatility to play grooves as skank and blast-beats, with a great creativity on his work with double-bass.

His father, Claudemir Christófaro, was a drummer in the 60´s, when he taught at Conservatório Musical Ipiranga, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, also playing in ball bands and in a twist band, The Four Boys, alongside his uncle, Claudio Christófaro, on the bass. His older brother, Fábio Christófaro, also a drummer but not professionally, had an important role in his early career, and while his brother was out at work, Amilcar left the skateboard aside to risk some beats at his brother´s drums, until the day he was invited to join the former band of his brother, RTH, where, staying with them until 1992.

At the same time, he began to know a lot of aggressive metal bands such as Slayer, Metallica, Coroner, Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Ratos de Porão, Annihilator, Deicide, Krisiun, King Diamond and others. Since then, this fast, heavy and aggressive musical style sealed his passion and his way of playing the drums.

In late 1992, he was invited to join the metal band Torture Squad, where he is until now. With TS, Amilcar is always on tour and gigs, in Brazil and Europe, sharing the stage with the biggest names on the world musical scene, being part of important events and festivals, locally and internationally.

In July, 2011, during the European tour of their 6th album, Aequilibrium, Amilcar was invited to substitute Sepultura´s drummer for five concerts, even playing with both bands, on the same day, in a festival in Germany.

His major influences still are Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura era), Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel), Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel and Death era), Mikey Dee (King Diamond era, Motörhead), Marky Edelmann (Coroner), Neil Peart (Rush), Scott Rockenfield (Queensrÿche), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater era)

Along the years, he knew jazz and rhythm and blues styles. Drummers such as Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham, among others, had influence him, because, as Christófaro says: “they know how to mix technique, feeling and musicality like nobody”.

Being endorsed by C. Ibanez drum sticks for years, the drummer has a signature line in the company. the stick is a 5b line, made of ivory wood, with more weigh in its neck, giving more touch in attacks and a round tip to better define the sound while playing.

2014 became a very special year for the drummer, who was cover of the Brazilian edition of the specialized magazine Modern Drummer, that made him one of the few heavy metal drummers in Brazil to be cover of this magazine. Orion Cymbals, his cymbals endorser, paid homage for their 10 year partnership releasing a limited edition 21”signature ride, which had its sound being molded through the years, having the drummer as a development consultant for the company.

In 2015 he writes and records his first drum solo, First Attack, recorded on the live CD and DVD “Coup D´Etat Live”. The solo compose parts that construct the style of the drummer, with heavy grooves mixed with double bass between skank and blast beats, all under a lot of precision and feeling.

Now in 2019, after more than twenty six years playing drums, Amilcar keeps showing new paths in the world of heavy, aggressive and musical drumming.

DISCOGRAPHY – Torture Squad
A Soul In Hell (demo) – 1993
Shivering – 1995
Asylum Of Shadows – 1999
The Unholy Spell – 2001
Pandemonium – 2003
Death, Chaos and Torture Alive – 2004
Chaos Corporation (single) – 2007
Hellbound – 2008
Aequilibrium – 2010
Esquadrão de Tortura – 2013
Coup D´état Live – 2015
Return of Evil – 2016
Far Beyond Existence – 2017

DVD – Death, Chaos and Torture Alive – 2005
DVD – Coup D´état Live – 2015

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