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individual Castor


Born in may 14, 1975 Sao Paulo / Brazil, Castor started to be interested in bass guitar at the age of 12. Influenced by Steve Harris, Geezer Butler and Rudy Sarzo he afforded his first bass guitar when he turned 14 and started to play along with some heavy metal albums he got at that time such as Iron Maiden, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica and many more.

Couple of months later, he joined in a band with some friends in the neighborhood just to play tunes from other bands so, in the meanwhile, he discovered that his ambition was not being stuck in a rehearsal room playing the same type of covers but playing original songs and turn out to be a professional musician.

In 1993, Castor was invited to join Torture Squad and shortly after they recorded and released their first 4 track demo tape entitled “A soul in Hell” followed by eight more studio albums and two live CDs / DVDs throughout his career playing in Torture Squad until today.


  • A Soul In Hell (demo) – 1993
  • Shivering – 1995
  • Asylum Of Shadows – 1999
  • The Unholy Spell – 2001
  • Pandemonium – 2003
  • Death, Chaos and Torture Alive – 2004
  • Chaos Corporation (single) – 2007
  • Hellbound – 2008
  • Aequilibrium – 2010
  • Esquadrão de Tortura – 2013
  • Coup D´état Live – 2014
  • Return of Evil – 2016
  • Far Beyond Existence – 2017


DVD – Death, Chaos and Torture Alive – 2005
DVD – Coup D´état Live – 2014



Instagram: @castor.ts