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Born April 1st, 1987, in São Bernardo do Campo/SP,  his interest in music came from childhood in the mid 90s, listening  to the blues and rock and roll influenced by his father. Soon after his grandmother brought his first instrument: an ordinary acoustic guitar of $ 30

The passion for playing music has always been in his veins,  influenced by bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Death, Carcass, Slayer, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, 60´s & 70´s music, etc …

Being self-taught musician,he began playing the guitar at age 11 and drums at 17, then he started playing with many different bands from Rock And Roll to the Extreme Metal.

During 13 years in the scene, he had participated of several bands like Midnightmare, Guillotine, Em Ruinas, Mortuorum, Children Of The Beast (Official Tribute to Iron Maiden) and House of Evil (Official Tribute to King Diamond and Mercyful Fate).
He had also toured in several Brazilian cities and overseas playing in the festival “Live Evil” designed by Black Metal icon Fenriz (Darkthrone) with the band Em Ruinas.

In October 2015,  he is invited to join Torture Squad as official guitarrist and keeping all the band works and projects going on.


  • Guillotine: Demo cd “Hell on Earth” (2005) and  ”Metal in Vein” (Full Album 2007)
  • Midnightmare: EP “Behind The Mask Agony” (1996) Full Album and “Death Is The Only Salvation” (2006-2015)
  • Em Ruinas (Special Guest): Full Album “From The Graves Speed ​​Metal” (2010)
  • Panndora (Special Guest): Track “Coold Eyes” – Keyboards (2012)
  • Bloodstained (2010): “Hell Possessions Domination” (Demo – 2010)
  • Return of Evil – 2016
  • Far Beyond Existence – 2017