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1. Intro

2. Horror And Torture
Letra: Castor

Hear my call and come to me
Gathering lives is just my ecstasy
Hidden in the shadows I’m watching you
Like a fly to a spider I’m gonna get you

Horror and torture
See me coming to your side
Horror and torture
Coming through the darkest night
Horror and torture

Let me take you down to hell
I’ll make you burn ’till you cannot yell
Inside my world there’s no place to be
Death is just a good thing to me

Horror and torture
See me coming to your side
Horror and torture
Coming through the darkest night
Horror and torture
You never gonna find a place… to hide (bis)

[Repete refrão numero 1]
[Refrão 2x]

3. Towers On Fire
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

Into the world I’m living
Hell’s in front of my eyes
Ignorance stands to burn the reasons of mankind
Black flames of pure insanity
From the sky will come the truth
A threat reveals to the world:
power in the hands of fools

Screams of panic in the building on fire
Slaves of faith against the beast’s empire
And the flames consuming higher and higher:
Critical time in the dawn of a new day
Bound new era by the evil’s way
Where is peace? It’s gone away!

Towers on fire!

Diabolical forces ruling
From the acts of human race
This kind of situation finishes in disgrace
Blind by faith and hate
An unruly wish to kill
Across the times this same shit comes to spill

Hopeless people walking around
A cloud of dust and terrible sounds
The burning tower is falling to the ground
The world’s watching: while you die
Death embraces you! You can’t deny
I’m not guilty for you folly fight

Towers on fire!

Innocent people had paid with their lives
They were used in their ominous fight
For all that you saw, you can’t deny
Awful thoughts unleashing hate
Leaving the world at the edge of hell’s gate

The wheels of doom continue their way
Unveiling the facts: prepare to pray
Time is over and the sky is so grey!
Page of blood! Terrorism condition
The world walks to the last premonition: death!

[ Repete refrão numero 1 e 2 ]
[ Refrão ]

4. World Of Misery
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

When the cry of a child rips the night
When the armies with great power in eternal fight
Try to obliterate the war’s spoils
Eyes of death over the burning oil
This mean war makes you go insane
Macabre dance, world under bane
Fear of tomorrow and nuclear power
Future is a fallen tower

Living in a world of misery
Listen to my bloody prophecy

Century of pain, century of tears
Burning fanatism increasing the western fear
When the night comes down on the hills of sand
A new page of blood marking this barren land
This mean war makes you go insane
Macabre dance, world under bane
Fear of tomorrow and nuclear power
Future is a fallen tower

Living in a world of misery
Listen to my bloody prophecy
“Shame will follow you forever”
“In the name of god: we’ll die together!”

I smell a rotten stink of death on the ground
Listen to the clamour: despair! you will be found!

Inside of me a vulcano explodes
Efforts for peace starting to corrode
Warlike power in the hands of fools
Marching to die, treading on bloody pools
… Where’s the truth?

5. Leather Apron
Letra: Castor

Walking out in the streets
Guided by my eyes
Ignorance and cruelty
Filling up my life
My mind has lost its sanity
Nobody knows the truth
I am down on whores
And I won’t stop at all

My knife is so nice and sharp
And I want to get to work right away
If I get a chance
Nobody can figure out who I am
There’s a rumour about me
Saying I’m the leather apron

Dirty jack’s working
Behind his weird disguise
Ripping bodies away
In the whitechapel’s streets at night
Jack’s knife is waiting
For another prostitute
The last one’s the ripest
For jack’s idea of fun

[ Refrão ]

I’ve been waiting so long for you now
I’ll lead you down to the ground
Ripping your body while you die
My face will never be found
Leather apron!

I am the hunter and you are the prey
My knife is gonna rip you away
Dear Boss I’m sending you half of the Kidney
That I took out of her body
Prepare to die

I shall not quit: ripping them
And I’ll still do that over and over and over again
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Leather apron

6. Out Of Control
Letra: Castor

Dismembering your body I make it slow
Draining your blood I make it flow
Burning your eyes you cannot see
Tearing up your flesh taking off your skin

I just don’t know what’s in my mind
I just wanna spread my fury over mankind
I slowly will cut off your ears
Born from hell I shall drown you in tears

I’m coming through your nightmare
I’m the one who brings you despair
My mind is sick for blood
I’m going out of control

Sewing your mouth you can’t speak
Choking you to death taking your breath
Tying your legs you can’t move
Cooking your flesh I’ll eat it smooth
I wish I could do it several times
I only do things that are in my mind

I’m coming out of your fears
Born from hell, I shall drown you in tears
Your tears: turning into fears

When you face me straight in the eye
A shiver goes down your spine
You can’t escape nor run
Cus’ I am out of control

7. Pandemonium
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

When the time starts to close and the sky
Turns to black like death
Clouds of suffering and screams of pain:
This is the last breath
Battlefield is the only thing to see before
The hell strikes back again
All his life is consumed in an attack
Bloody fight in his brain
Lost and confused a silent cry to the stars
He’s agonizing in fear
Staggering walk looking for something to
Saciate his burning tears
When his body screams he close his eyes to
Support the mortal pain
Countries at war, genocide is here
The reaper is laughing with disdain

Pandemonium [4x]

On the TV I see the news about wars
Ignorance is back again
One more time blood! Death! Tragedy!
Peace is a word in vain
I try to understand this kind of situation
But it’s difficult for me
To live in the world, heaven or hell
Eternal paradox is all that I see
Machine guns, tanks, soldiers
Ready to unleash the war
Throwing lives into the hellish fight
Here comes much gore
Brothers killing brothers in the name of a
Sickening power desire
Revelations from the final battle say:
”Set the world on fire!!!”

Pandemonium [4x]

Terrorism warning genocide
Fear and pain walking side by side
Dancing on a minefield you are
And I see peace: but it’s so far!

This genocide
It’s by your side
Dancing you are
But this peace is so far!!!

8. Requiem For The Headless Rider
Musica: Torture Squad


9. The Curse Of Sleepy Hollow
Letra: Vitor Rodrigues

“Full moon shining in the sky
A flickering light in the cold mist
Strange tales of a headless creature
Your panic turns into scream”
Turns your panic into a scream

Yes, look: what a terrible dream
Shadows in the night, nightmares to sting
Full of sorrows, the demon on his horse
Satanic figure into the soulless corpse
Carring his sword and his bloody axe
Blind by fury looking for something to lack
Killing with hate, fire in his eyes
Ominous thoughts shape the cruelty of this night

When the night comes to the town
Heavy air of sorrows
Bolts and thunders warning the hunter
Feel the curse of Sleepy Hollow

Yes, listen: the gallop of the end
Run to the hills at night, hard breath
Death ripped by the restless avenger
His axe and sword driping for revenge
Pain and greed feed the tree of discord
A lot of cutted heads, blood to disgorge
Evil rules that sickening soul
Dressed in black carring a terrible load

[ refrão ]

Yes, feel it: this curse starts to end
A distant past in league of grim land
From the depth of the soul he yells
Finish the curse, come back to hell
Now he rests in a hellish fire
Into the tomb, the warrior and the liar
This nightmare in Sleepy Hollow is dead
But these memories continue living in our heads